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Microwave Warfare

New Hi-Tech Generation of COINTELPRO

In a Nutshell: Government sources are using directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture, and murder dissidents. In addition, security contractors (among others) are being hired as military thugs to gangstalk targets[1].

Details of the Program:

• Ai based retro-causation; Extensive international neural monitoring programs can calculate a target’s potentials before the target is aware of them
• COINTELPRO 2.0: Thought surveillance neural AI net for psyche profiling
• COINTELPRO 2.0: Directed energy weapon mind control network for counter-proliferation targeting
• COINTELPRO 2.0: End game hacking tools; directed energy weapons can hack & surveill electronics remotely[2][3]
• Synthetic dream mind control programs
• Psychological warfare devised by sick minds
• Much more...

Zerzetsen: "Inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible without leaving any marks.[4]" Directed energy weapon programs revolutionized this...

Counter-Proliferation Programs[5]

Counter-proliferation programs are intended to subvert the potentials of a target while punishing them with psycho-sadist techniques. The perversions of cointelpro are notable. The murderous and sadistic ethos of government counter-proliferation programs echos that of the Nazis and this perpetrator network of war criminals are committing sickening acts upon the global population.

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives

• These are counter-proliferation centered programs intended to subvert all progress
• To discredit the target / To character assassinate / To slander the target
• To taint the target's image / To misrepresent the target
• To suppress the target's monetary success
• To suppress the target’s good character qualities or people’s awareness of positive aspects of the target
• Psychological triggers created and/or exploited
• To arrange a partner for the target or mind control the partner of the target
• To destroy relationships of the target
• To co-opt the target’s manifestation
• To turn the target into controlled opposition (In terms of beliefs & actions)
• To incriminate the target
• To round down the target's output and audience - To marginalize the target
• To eliminate connections & networking ability
• To suppress the target’s personality
• Sanitization of pleasure, emotions, and individuality
• To punish the target / To torture the target
• To destroy the target's life
• To stop a target from procreating / Ending a target’s bloodline (Eugenics)
• To induce suicide / To covertly assassinate the target
• To cover up the targeting operation

“If they see too much power and originality coming out of someone, they either use it
and siphon it or they undermine it in order to neutralize it.” ~Ahmad Enani (TI)

Modern Day COINTELPRO Methods

• Covert remote influencing technology suite
• Outlandish black project technology experiences intended to discredit when spoken
• Gangstalking / Organized Stalking
• Trauma based mind control - No touch torture
• Character assassination / Slander via proxies
• Technological illusions (PSYOPS) / misdirection
• Psychological decoys
• Electromagnetic mind control aimed at discrediting the target
• Mind control of people who provide opportunities for the target
• Use of family against the target (e.g. Mind control of family)
• Use of pharmaceutical drugs against a target
• To orchestrate the detaining of the target in a psyche ward
• v2k to get a target diagnosed as a “paranoid schizophrenic"
• Exaggerated, warped and untrue slander about the target is proliferated
• Technology playing devil's advocate via implanted thoughts to get a target in trouble
• Agenda to incriminate the target (Advice for COINTELPRO targets: Stay lawful)
• Use of ego against a target
• Weaponized mind control against a target
• Coercing of a target into appearing overly paranoid (e.g. An objective of stalking)
• Specific technological control of a target's body language or vocal tone (e.g. To generate mistrust)
• Use of electronic control grid to mind control misfortunes for a target
• Synthetic social phobias ~ Synthetic social anxiety (e.g. Public speaker related suppression)
• Suppression of whatever platform the target is talented in (e.g. Music production, software design)
• To dehumanize a target via electromagnetic neuroscience
• Severe targets are sanitized of pleasure, emotions, and personality
• Synthetic suicide programming
• Technologically enabled serial killers with a taste for revolutionaries & activists

“There are 4,500 different systems in your body which can be attacked. You can attack a single system, you can attack a group of them. For instance you could go just for the endocrine glands which would mess up all of your hormones. You could go for the skin. You could go for the ocular system, the eyes. … Each part of the body has it’s own resonant frequency. You have a cyclotronic resonant frequency and a circadian resonant frequency. And each part of the body vibrates, even the organs, well they all have their own resonant frequencies. And depending on the pulse frequency you put into the body, you then effect that part of the brain, that part of the organ, that part of the nerve, that part of the skin. And [learning the frequencies] is why people are being experimented on…[6]~Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

Co-Opting of Mental Health Industry - Psychiatric Warfare

"While all these traditional tactics have proven fruitful through out time without waning effectiveness, the agencies involved in extreme cover-ups prefer another tactic that seems to have withstood the test of time too. That is labeling someone “paranoid schizophrenic” or mentally ill. Once that label has been attached to someone, almost all testimony will be disbelieved. The military has employed this tactic since the 60’s to get rebellious soldiers and others locked up in mental hospitals. But since the weapons testing of neurological disruptor technology has begun on the general population beginning in the early 60’s and then stepped up to full throttle in 1976, the scope of what is considered mentally ill had to be reprogrammed into a broader definition for the general population.[7]" ~Department of Defense Whistleblower

“What the governments found, was that you could induce by changing the pulse frequency like morse code of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain, by specializing on the pulse frequency you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illness. So what you can do theoretically, is you can target an individual’s brain, they may have auditory hallucinations where they hear things, which is actually quite common with microwaves. Or show signs of schizophrenia, for instance 6.6 pulses a second can induce severe sexual aggression in men. … Technically what you could do is have someone committed to a psychiatric hospital or a jail for a crime, just by somebody saying that they had a psychiatric problem where by they didn’t.[8]~Ex-British Royal Navy Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

“They can cause insanity, and it was an experiment. One of the experiments was to take an ordinary sane person, cause insanity, and have a psychiatrist who was unknown to everybody diagnose schizophrenia, or paranoia or a psychiatric illness. That was a successful outcome. And the person would spend the rest of their life in an asylum in misery, but to the government scientists that was a success.[9]
~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

"Framing mental illness is currently being weaponized as a counter-proliferation method." ~Omnisense

“No wonder men are killing themselves, women are killing themselves. Because these pills have everybody depleted. I felt like my soul was gone, like I was just a body with nothing in it.[10]~Mikal Vega, Former Navy SEAL

“I knew after I was almost killed by pills, that the stuff these psychiatrists were doing wasn’t working obviously, unless they were trying to kill me…[11]~Mikal Vega, Former Navy SEAL

“They don’t have any idea what they’re doing, or they do and they’re doing it very well. If they are trying to kill our military, if they’re trying to kill off any voice or anybody that doesn’t fall in line, you know: they want a bunch of zombies that they can easily control, then it’s working.[12]~Mikal Vega, Former Navy SEAL

“Psychiatry in all of this time doesn’t have one case report of one disease validated, not one. What they do is they meet at the American Psychiatric Association, they meet in the DSM committee - Diagnostic Statistical Manual committee, and they vote on making new behavior and emotional disorders. And they vote and then they start immediately calling them diseases. And they tell people, they tell the public these are diseases, [it’s a] total fraud.[13]~Dr. Fred Baughman Jr.

“Psychologists … aren’t really scientists. Psychology is based on cultural norms, and any deviation from it is considered a mental illness.[14]
~Ex-CIA Black Project Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan

“COINTELPRO targeting sources are utilizing psychiatric warfare as a counter-proliferation mechanism.[15]~Omnisense

"As Dr. Kagan confirms, children suffer psychologically and developmentally from being wrongly diagnosed “mentally ill.” There are also extraordinary medical risks from exposure to antipsychotics. The Archives of General Psychiatry report mentions that these drugs may cause increased blood sugar, diabetes, increased lipids (cholesterol), and obesity. It does not mention that these adverse reactions greatly elevate the risk of later heart disease, especially since these drugs also compromise cardiac function.[10]" ~Dr. Peter Breggin

“Do not warn mental health officers about mind control and/or targeting, my mouth got me in a lot of trouble relating to these topics. I was sectioned for a month and 2 weeks, now forced medication.[16]~Anonymous Targeted Individual

“With the brain chemicals, you can force them to go into overload, and you can make a person do what they wouldn’t ordinarily do.[17]
~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.[18]" ~John Lennon

The Honey Trap

Honey Trap Definition: "A stratagem in which irresistible bait is used to lure a victim[19]".

Femme Fatale Definition: "an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.[20]"

Honey Trap Details:

• Sexual seduction to sabotage or later blackmail the target
• Sexual seduction to cause an impregnation (Connecting a target to an asset)
• Black ops playing cupid to connect a disruptive partner to a target
• Black ops playing cupid as a eugenics operation (Genetic operations)
• A situation where a honey trap ends up bearing false witness against a target for rape
• Using a female to divide two male threats


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