Intelligence Agency Sabotage of Music and Assassination of Musicians

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Assassination of Musicians[1]

“John Lennon’s killer claimed voices kept saying 'do it, do it' over and over again. TAMI came online in 1976, and John Lennon was killed in 1980.[2]” ~Department of Defense Whistleblower, From the Out of Print Book: The Matrix Deciphered

  • It is known the good die young, and that is for a largely publicly unknown set of reasons
  • The best musicians with ability to shift paradigms progressively have historically died young
  • The standard procedure of CIA assassination involves using cover stories. A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth. A typical cover story design is a rational false conclusion promoted to obscure the origins of an action[3].
  • I hear a lot of people say music died in the 1970s, while not a complete death I could see the electronic control grid and the assassinations between the years 1960-1996 being a major culprit. A Department of Defense whistleblower states in the book The Matrix Deciphered that the electronic control grid took major form in 1976[2].
  • Musical talent can be measured by neural monitoring surveillance of a target while they listen to music, even when they are a child. This information is then used to form an Ai based psyche profile and the person is targeted accordingly.
  • Intelligence agencies are militaristic against potent forms of dissent, music can be one of the most potent forms of dissent
  • Secret society agendas are behind the covert assassination of many influential artists

Talented Musicians with Suspicious Deaths[1]

Bob Marley (Age: 36)
John Lennon (Age: 40)
Tupac Shakur (Age: 25)
The Notorious B.I.G. (Age: 24)
Nate Dogg (Age: 41)
Aaliyah (Age: 22)
Amy Winehouse (Age: 27)
Bradley Nowell (Age: 28)
Kurt Cobain (Age: 27)
Jim Morrison (Age: 27)
Jimi Hendrix (Age: 27)
Janis Joplin (Age: 27)
Prince (Age: 57)
Michael Jackson (Age: 50)

“The shadow government has a deep legacy of assassinating innovative thinkers.” ~Omnisense

Intelligence Programs with Objectives to Sabotage Music[1]

  • Good music is being suppressed or co-opted by the electronic control grid
  • The CIA and sources like them have been suppressing and/or maliciously sabotaging music and musicians via directed energy weapon programs since the 1960s or sooner, and it has slowly gotten more comprehensive as the electronic control grid matures & saturates
  • Malicious cointelpro targeting of underground talent before they succeed is occurring
  • Music sabotage has turned into a standard form of counterintelligence
  • The products of Project mkultra have yielded a high-tech conspiracy that is so monstrous that the average citizen cannot fathom it's scope. By design it's very mentioning causes cognitive dissonance.
  • Operations are designed with a foundation of plausible deniability
  • The CIA are shillionaires and have many mind control assets to drown out the truth
  • My own experiences lead me to believe that the Vatican is a major part of the social engineering and music sabotage agendas

  • Alteration of any aspect of the dynamics of perceivable sound can be achieved through neural heterodyne and subtractive neural heterodyne methodologies. I have experienced electronic harassment changing the dynamics of my own songs while producing or listening to them. Additionally the CIA through covert application of this technology has the ability to manipulate how much people enjoy a song or how much they dislike a song. One effective method in particular is pesky high frequencies being added strategically for weaponized purposes.
  • The author of this wiki (Omnisense) has experienced constant obsessive and abusive electronic harassment aimed at destroying the quality of my music. The electronic harassment includes synthetic high frequency sound while producing (which can induce mastering flaws), eliminating high frequency sound from my auditory signals while producing (which can ruin any song), Ai based electronic harassment while producing music: in example v2k harassment while trying to listen to a song, mind hijacking me in various ways, stopping myself from being able to listen to a full play of my own song while producing (it is pretty pivotal for a musician to be able to hear their own song while producing it), potential hacking of my software (e.g. causing crashes at strategic times), BCI based torment[4] of any musical flaw they engineered successfully, and more...
  • I have experienced electronic harassment during the production of every single song I have released since 2007
  • Other targeted individuals (like Chaz Thompson) have also testified direct experience with electronic harassment related to the suppression of music

"This technology has interfered directly with my ability to develop music and I hear the AI all day everyday." ~Targeted Individual Chaz Thompson

Control of the Music Industry

Mainstream music has been effectively and strategically degraded, by eliminating the best and brightest musicians via covert assassination and by covert control of the music industry with the products of Project mkultra. Electromagnetic mind control is a potent social engineering tool, and it is being weaponized with covert force in the music industry.

  • Mainstream music is being weaponized through covert neuroscience technologies
  • Covert CIA handlers are assigned to famous musicians (and other personalities in the world), invisible social engineering is applied through unwitting electromagnetic mind control
  • Surveillance based intellectual property theft[5] and brain mapping based Ai simulation of innovative thinkers is used to come up with the ideas CIA handlers seed their subjects
  • Social engineering is being perpetrated through covert ghostwriting of lyrics
  • Various famous musicians were propped up into their positions based on psyche profiling (e.g. a psychological profile to accept CIA agendas)
  • Music ideas can be ripped off from neural monitoring of the music adept
  • Mind control assets in the music industry are gatekeeping who succeeds
  • In the mainstream music industry there are intelligence programs with objectives of co-opting those with true talent who make it (e.g. co-opting their political points of view, co-opting their public statements to align to the agenda, etc)
  • Obsessive & psychopathic social engineering is occurring
  • Society has been maliciously warped from it's organic state by neuroweaponry[6]

Mainstream Music Culture Quotes:

“It’s debasement of morals, and it’s affecting culture and people’s perceptions of what’s acceptable and what isn’t. It’s the shaping of values, social engineering.[7]“ ~Mark Devlin

“Music of today is absolute swill, it’s designed to keep young people passive, restrained, and it’s designed to tame them and keep them into sort of domestic sheep. I would separate young people today into two breeds, there’s predators which are the wolves and there are the sheep and that’s most of them. And we appeal to an elite, we are frankly an elitist organization. We seek a few excellent people, we don’t want a lot of dross we don’t want a lot of mediocre followers. What we want are people capable of action.[8][9]” ~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck

Note: This wiki article does not comprehensively cover the full sick minded scope and objectives of these programs.


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